About Us

We know we’ve only just met, but we figured you’d like to know our life story and a bit about us? After all it’s only the polite thing to do. We are Always Looking Good (or you can call us ALG for short, we love a nickname), we sell personalised gifts, despite us being a fairly new company, we have actually been around since 2008! We don’t like to brag but we have over 15 years of extensive retail experience and love to make sure our customers have the very best of the best service when shopping with us.

Before ALG was born, our sister company GlitterStore was where it really began and where the passion for gifts started! Started from our founder Kareens home, we soon grew too big for her spare cupboard we moved to office space where even the family dog comes with us every day. ( The dog, AKA Neo isn't so good at the packaging despite loads of training!)  Continuing to provide customers with specialised and unique products, is what really helped GlitterStore stand out from the crowd. This value is what lead us to - Always Looking Good.

At Always Looking Good, every one of our products that leaves us is packaged with love and we want to bring happiness to every single person who receives one of our items! We are all about positivity and spreading love, with our personalised, quirky and cute gift selection! From Gin Glasses to Hug in a Box to Superhero Sets and More! We Engrave, Print, Vinyl, Embroider and Cut. Every gift Is made to be personalised for no cost and can be for any occasion - just ask, we don’t bite!

Hopefully you’ve got a good idea of what we are all about. We love to hear from you (our new BFF’s/Customers), we spend hours reading through reviews and it makes our day to hear your feedback! Please don’t be shy and tag us all over social media with your products and give us a follow!

The world can be very doom and gloom, we hope that creating happy and uplifting items, we can spread some sunshine and make people’s days that little bit brighter…

 Team Always Looking Good xo